At Blackthorn Golf Club, we offer a variety of different instructional programs to suit every golfer's need and schedule. Read through Blackthorn Golf Academy's programs to find a lesson that suits you best.

One on One Golf Development
The quickest way to get a golf game in shape is to spend some one on one time with our golf professionals. Whether a beginner to the game or a single digit handicap, give us your goal and time frame. After a game evaluation, we will put together a lesson plan for you which will be a road map that will lead you to your goals in golf. Click here for more details on our One on One Golf Development classes.

Single Day Golf School
Enjoy the afternoon with us at beautiful Blackthorn Golf Club and let our instructional staff whip your golf game into shape! You will receive professional full swing, short game, and on course instruction, followed by a meal at our Blackthorn Grill. Click here for more details on our Single Day Golf School classes.

Women's Intro to Golf Classes
Women's Intro to golf is a four-week ladies-only class which offers students an opportunity to learn golf in a small, no pressure group setting. If you've never touched a club before this program is perfect for you. Women's Intro to Golf also gives mid to low handicap golfers a refresher on solid basics and fundamentals, which will improve any woman's game. Click here for more details on our Women's Intro to Golf classes.

Saturday Morning Golf Clinic
This clinic is designed to help all ages and skill levels with many aspects of the game throughout the golf season. These aspects will be pre-swing basics such as grip, setup and alignment, full swing pivot, weight transfer, swing path, impact using irons and woods, extension and follow through. Short game aspects of putting, chipping, pitching and bunker shots will also be included. Learn something new every week. There will be group instruction in each class and a few minutes of one on one instruction for each student where questions and personal game needs can be addressed. Click here for more details on our Saturday Morning Golf Clinics.

Summer Junior Camps
Join us this summer for a fun-filled week of golf instruction. This program is specifically designed for children ages 6 to 13. Click here for more details on our Summer Junior Camps.

Greg Kizer for additional information on any of our instruction packages 574.360.7338.